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Being successful in the Awards, gave us a fantastic news story and we were able to use this to bring the work of the Charity to the fore. Charities are often seen by other agencies as less than professional, the award and the whole concept of the Venus Awards highlighted that voluntary can also be professional. The business is a non profit making organisation so financially, there has been no clear benefit, however the profile of the Charity has been raised, even more important in the longer term. Within the Charity, the volunteer workers and beneficiaries of the charity seemed to feel this was their award too and this in turn lifted the operational aspect of the work that we do.All aspects of winning the award are positive. Thank you Venus Awards.

Personally, the Awards helped me to recognise the value of continuing to do what I do. To be recognised by other women is an incredible boost to confidence and although you know that what you do is valuable, having that underpinned and recognised by your peers adds value to everything from that point on. I intend to continue to display the awards ( Local and National) with great pride.

There is nothing to loose everything to gain. You will meet many women from your local area, women who are striving to achieve, in what ever area their expertise lies. Great fun and amazing opportunities for progressing your company and your career path. Enjoy, everyone’s a winner.

Inspirational Woman 2013


Christine Tebano | Parent Support Link