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Did you know that the fastest growing economy isn’t India or China its WOMEN. Join the many female-friendly companies supporting the Venus Awards.

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Finally, a proven strategy to tap into the lucrative SHEconomy!!!

Globally, women make over 65% of all purchasing decisions including cars, houses and health…

It’s a fact–the economy is actually turning into the ‘SHEconomy!’

This emerging female market dwarfs the size of both the population and GDPs of China and India. Women are THE emerging market that redefines society and the world…
The Economist wrote in 2006: “Forget China, India and the Internet: Economic growth is driven by women.”
So, how do you incorporate a female-oriented strategy into your marketing mix without muddling your message?

Savvy Marketing

If your product has not yet been tailored specifically towards the growing female market, then messaging your radio ads or print ads directly at women may indirectly alienate the other half of your target market…the guys!

Discovering a marketing channel other than mainstream media is likely the best way forward. With so much marketing noise, the very brightest marketers instinctively seek out new and innovative methods to engage and interact with women on a ‘face-to-face and personal’ level. To that end, a burgeoning number of smart companies choose the Venus Awards as their preferred, and unquestionably unique, marketing channel of choice to promote and present their businesses as progressive and female friendly.

Their message is crystal clear…

‘Look at us! We support local women in business who help grow the economy where we are also looking to thrive!’
It’s a very smart message—one that is ‘really on the money’ for our economic and cultural times.

Make no mistake…the influence of women in business and in society is in the ascendancy.  Read More…