For Someone Deserving of Recognition

Nominating someone shows how much you appreciate them for all their efforts and hard work.

Nominate Someone Special

When you nominate someone, you may be unaware of the significant journey you begin for them. The Venus experience itself consists of a unique process that recognises and rewards someone for their contribution; be it juggling a successful working life with a family, working tirelessly for others , be it an inspirational women who you think the rest of the world should know about, be it that extremely helpful lady in the customer service section who really solved your issue.

Nominating someone for a Venus may just be that perfect way of saying thank you to someone for making this world a better place for us all just by them being in it. Others may want to thank their clients for a wonderful business relationship, or vice versa. It is very popular to nominate your boss—or if you’re the boss, then to nominate your employees.

Nominating someone for a Venus takes them on a journey where they can meet new professional contacts and friends, increase their business, and share stories and experiences.

Take action today—make a powerful difference for those very special women who have touched your life in some way and nominate them for a Venus NOW! They will most likely influence and inspire others and be influenced and inspired themselves!


Enter the Awards

The only way to join the exclusive and fast growing Venus Winners Circle is to apply. And winning a Venus can add a tremendous amount of value to your business and/or to you personally.