"BellaCrafts Ltd"

The Venus Awards has really put BellaCrafts on the map! It was such a great feeling for all the hard work of the team to be recognised. It made us all feel incredibly proud of the Craft Centres we have created and it is a chance to share the success with our customers who were equally behind us. It is a recognised award to show our achievements and lets us sing about them to all of our regular and new customers. It gives us a chance to stand out and continue to deliver our high standards in everything we do in business.

The greatest feeling is to be publicly recognised for the business you have worked so hard to create. The awards are also such an amazing opportunity to meet so many like minded and successful business owners all striving to reach their goals!

It is very inspirational. Plus the new opportunities and contacts you meet really let your business flourish in ways perhaps were not possible before. It empowers you to really believe in yourself and pushes you to do even more.

I would highly recommend becoming involved with the Venus Awards. It is such a friendly, empowering group of ladies and even if you’re just nominated it really is a great feeling. You really don’t have anything to lose and once we’ve reached a few more of our business goals we’ll be going for an award again!

New Media & Online Business 2013


Belinda Jane Poore | BellaCrafts Ltd