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The Venus Awards have both encouraged us and inspired us to expand our own label collection of handmade clothing in store. We are so thrilled that the local community have taken the time to nominate us being such a new business and we are continuing to support other local Mums too by showcasing their products and crafts in store as well. The Venus Awards have shown us that women in business can bring something new and unique to the market place.

Personally the Venus Awards have given me a lot of confidence. To be recognised so early in the lifetime of the boutique for an award has been such a thrill and has validated the direction we’re going in. It has given me a huge push to move forward full steam ahead whilst maintaining the family/ work life balance...confirming that we can still do the school run ourselves and be there for the children for every assembly and sporting fixture without compromising the business.

The awards have shown me that I can be a full time mum and run a successful business as well and that it’s ok to be proud to celebrate it.

I would recommend all women in business to get involved with the awards...I have met some truly inspiring women on this journey all of which are very successful in their industries coming together to celebrate each other’s success with a sense of true camaraderie.

Small Business Award 2014


Katy Handley – Quint | .PINKS. Children’s Boutique

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Katy Handley – Quint | .PINKS. Children’s Boutique