Firstly it brought such an over whelming feeling to all the staff within the business and made them so proud of us working as a team. Our clients were behind us and so thrilled we were up for two awards. The local area and even further areas we were getting messages of good luck.

I believe it has helped my business and my staff stand out from the other salons in Dorset and shows us all the long hours, the tears and the heartache is worth the effort and skills we put into our role.

Given me an overwhelming feeling of achievement. It is hard to start a hair salon on the high street as there are so many but my thoughts, passion and vision to be more than salon and to help people with there confidence has been achieved which the awards has helped me to recognise what people think and feel about my and my staff which is amazing. You do doubt yourself in business as you do have bad days and quite months but you need to keep on going and stick to the 5 year plan you set out to achieve.

Recommend any one you think deserves to be nominated, it is such an amazing feeling to be involved and to get appreciation and be noticed for the work women do in business.

Entrepreneur of the Year 2014


Simone Thomas | M.W.A.H