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The Venus Awards has helped more women apply for IT roles at Innovate. I’m hoping that by girls reading that I won my category in a male dominated environment it will also encourage them to chase their dreams and strive for what they want to achieve, even if in the minority. Innovate have received increased publicity and connections have been created with other finalist’s businesses.

The Venus awards has introduced me to a lot of other women in business, making connections & hearing of others successes. It makes me realise how much I have achieved in my career and also lets my children see how hard I work.

Refuge have asked me to write for them anonymously to help other women going through similar situations that I’ve been through.

If you hear about the Venus awards don’t hesitate to apply - you can gain so much from the experience and learn about yourself too!

Business Mother 2014


Sarah Milligan | Innovate Ltd

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Sarah Milligan | Innovate Ltd