Venus Awards has definitely made a big impact on my business. It surely made our name more popular within our area, we have definitely had more enquiries and introductions in the business. It had a very positive impact on Our existing clientele, they all were very pleased for us and made our Tigerlilly club even more of a family as we had a lovely award to chat about.

Winning the Venus Award was a very important moment in my life. That was my first award that was given to me outside the nail industry, which is my passion that I managed to turn into my career.

All my awards so far have been given to me within the nail industry. So to actually win something completely different is absolutely incredible as it surely boosted my confidence and my stamina to do even better and more next year.

My recommendations to other women would be to try and put yourself forward, find the time and put that effort into it as its very much worth it! I’ve met such lovely people through Venus Awards, and I am very grateful for that.

Employer of the Year 2014


Olga Clapcott | TIGERLILLY