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Winning a Venus award had a huge impact on my business. It helped us to get lots of fantastic (and free!) publicity in the local media, and also helped strengthen our reputation with our customers and suppliers. The award still sits proudly on our counter and is often commented on, customers like to know they are shopping with an award winning business - it gives the shop credibility.

As a new business woman the award was a real surprise (we were a very small business when we won!) and an honour. It was great to have all of my hard work recognised and celebrated, and it gave my confidence a huge boost to know that I must have been doing something right.

That confidence has definitely helped me to go on and expand the business, since winning the award I have hugely increased my online sales and am just in the process of opening a second bricks and mortar shop.

Getting involved in the Venus awards will create amazing publicity for your business. The awards ceremony is a truly inspiring evening and a great way to celebrate your achievements. Go on - you wont regret it, I certainly didn’t!

New Business 2014


Charlotte Bennett | Every Cloud

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Charlotte Bennett | Every Cloud