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The Venus Awards gave me the opportunity to showcase my work and promote my business. The short term impact on my business is that my marketing reach increased and has resulted in a significant amount of new enquiries and meetings. I have made new contacts with like minded professionals, which has enhanced my professional network. My business profile is at an all time high, which will certainly result in new business in the longer term.

The Venus awards gave me pause to acknowledge my work, and feel a real sense of achievement and pride. I was deeply honoured to have been nominated in the first place, and from the Semi Finals I thoroughly enjoyed a worthwhile journey with some amazing women.

The fact that I became a Finalist has gifted me with a fantastic feeling of accomplishment. The impact on me is that I feel more purposeful and determined, and I am committed to maintain my personal and professional productive momentum!

By becoming involved with the Venus Awards you will mix with like minded people with whom you will celebrate your successes. You will be inspired and motivated to continue to strive and achieve in your work. Importantly, you will take time out - to enjoy being you!

Influential Woman 2014


Alexandra Wiggins | TARA Business Limited trading as The Lighter Path

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Alexandra Wiggins | TARA Business Limited trading as The Lighter Path