"Radiance MediSpa"

Being a winner has been recognition of the amount of hard work that we have put into starting up in Exeter. We have been able to put the logo of ‘winner’ on our website & emails & had many positive comments about this. We have the trophy in reception & again gives clients more confidence in us.

Again, recognition of the hard work. Self satisfaction. Message to self to appreciate what we have achieved which is always hard for a perfectionist.

Certainly apply for the awards & use social media in the run up & afterwards. It is a great way to network with like minded women who then spur you on. Negativity does not exist in the Venus awards. Camaraderie is superb & I have made, I am sure, some life long friends. There are also joint venture possibilities.

New Business 2013


Ros Debenham | Radiance MediSpa