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Winning the Devon regional award was a huge honour for me as this is voted for by the public. They were recognising that I was a valued employer. I couldn’t quantify the amount of extra revenue it has provided me but I know it has made a difference. Being part of the Venus awards started conversations and created interest in the business. It hasn’t stopped now the awards are over either. I am now the ambassador for this year’s Venus awards 2014 for Devon and so my personal development continues – more networking and promotion.

The awards acted as a catalyst to promote my business, motivate my team, learn from other businesses, gain more clients and grow in confidence. I would recommend anyone to make sure they are part of these amazing awards.

Winning the national awards boosted my confidence even more as here were my peers, other business people saying they thought that I deserved Employer of the year. That was special.

Having been through the experience I see now that people want to recognise small businesses for the service they provide to their clients and to the business community as a whole. Venus awards is a great opportunity for your business to be recognised and for all the hard work you do that goes into that. I believe entering this allows you to value yourself more.

Venus awards is also a platform to share your experiences with others and to tell your story. You get the opportunity to network, help others and learn from other business people too.

Employer of the Year 2013


Mariam Badavi |Purity Boutique Spa

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Mariam Badavi |Purity Boutique Spa