" Choccie Bar"

Choccie Bar was in its infancy when nominated for the Venus Awards and it’s true to say that the experience provided an enormous boost to getting the company on the map.

We met, networked and became part of a unique business community which not only raised our profile but afforded us all kinds of open doors and business opportunities. It’s been similarly helpful and an absolute pleasure to be an ambassador and watch and encourage others along their journeys.

Starting a chocolate company, essentially risking a great income and one’s life savings to follow a hunch, although it’s been exciting and satisfying it’s also a nail-biting, tense experience. Meeting like-minded individuals who offer nothing but applause, validation and encouragement, not to mention opening doors and opportunities is like stepping out the arctic in nothing but a bikini and hopping into a warm bath.

Put away your reservations and be fabulous.

New Business 2013


Katie Jones | Choccie Bar