I met and networked with a whole new group of people which has opened up many opportunities and increased awareness of my business locally.

I have benefitted from the PR associated with the awards, and also being able to state that my business is award-winning has helped my positioning, allowing me to attract higher-end clients.

Being involved in the whole process took me out of my comfort zone in terms of writing the application, making the video, asking for votes and then getting up on stage to speak at the ceremony! However, it has grown my confidence and self-belief and that, in business, is priceless.

Go for Venus Awards - going through the process will be hugely useful in reminding yourself what you have achieved, you will meet an amazing group of women and sponsors, and the PR associated with not just winning, but being nominated, could really put your business on the map.<>/p

Business Mother 2013


Julia Bramble | Bramble Buzz

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Julia Bramble | Bramble Buzz