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I found the experience of the Venus awards beneficial for my business by: Asking me clients for their votes bought me closer to them in a ‘bonding’ way It enabled me to market myself, with what seemed like justification, i.e. asking for votes, rather than just blatantly marketing!

Being a finalist meant I felt it was newsworthy enough and I was mentioned in all my local publications I did feel a lot of pressure as being a ‘mother in business’ obviously means I am extremely busy at the best of times and getting public votes almost pushed me to the edge.

It also happened to be the Valentines week which meant my business was frantic, whereas the timing for other businesses wasn’t so crucial, but that’s life. But I loved the feel of the awards and I would certainly support putting women in business in the spotlight. I think it’s an amazing thing you’ve achieved.

Business Mother 2014


Sarah-Jane Shepherd | Minky Kitten Cakes

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Sarah-Jane Shepherd | Minky Kitten Cakes