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I have found that winning first the regional, then the national Small Business Venus Award for 2013 has had a very positive impact on my business - reconfirming to our advertisers that they have made the right decision in promoting their business with us and reassuring readers that we are the ‘go to’ place for good, local parenting information! Also the entire ABC team were overjoyed and motivated by the win - a good morale boost for everyone to be involved in a winning team!

Personally I have found winning this award has been very satisfying - after 18 years of hard work creating ABC Magazine to be recognised like this has been a fantastic boost to reconfirm what I do for so much of my life is really appreciated by the people we do it all for.

The entire process from being nominated, to attending the glitzy events, to receiving the award was great fun and an opportunity to network with many other hard-working, successful business women.

Great to see so many of us ‘mumpreneurs’ beavering away to build successful businesses whilst often also running a family and all that entails!

My advice to women who are interested to be a part of Venus is: Just do it! Get involved - it’s great fun and marvellous for your self-confidence. These awards are there for you - take advantage of them and get the recognition you deserve!

Small Business Award 2013

Brighton & Sussex

Rachel Boyle | ABC Magazines

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Rachel Boyle | ABC Magazines