"The Athena Network South East"

The Venus awards has had an amazing impact on my business, I always thought I was very good at thinking outside the box until I had to really test myself going through the application process the videos and the networking events it was all a fantastic experience and I would fully recommend it to all ladies.

The Venus Awards has impacted me on a personal level to learn new ways of doing things with the videos and promoting my business, I hadn’t thought of doing it that way until then I always thought I had to get professional in (which is always best but sometimes unreachable) but it gave me the confidence to try and give things ago and not get caught up in the daily tasks and to try new fresh ways of doing things.

I would say GO for it, it pushes you on every limit its loads of fun and the other women you get to meet are amazing I had a wonderful experience and met some great friends.

Networker of the Year 2013

Brighton & Sussex

Michala Rutherford | The Athena Network South East