"Pied A Terre Adventures"

Winning the Venus Award for Home Based Business has propelled our wonderful little company forward. We had only be running for 2 years when we won, and to receive such recognition early on has made a tangible difference to our presence within our sector.

Almost instantly we saw an increase in our followers through social media. We have made countless new connections with other local businesses and now when we attend events, people say to us ‘oh yes, we have heard of Pied A Terre Adventures’ - all the time. We are positive this is in large part down to the recognition of winning the Venus Award.

The recognition, self belief and confidence I gained as a result of winning, I feel, is immeasurable. It was truly wonderful to even be nominated and to know that people out there not only like what you do, but also believe in you. The whole experience has been nothing other than positive and has enabled me to feel exceptionally proud of our achievements.

The whole Venus Awards experience has been fantastic. The opportunities for both your business and you are endless as a result of being involved. The support and recognition you receive as a result are invaluable. Do take the time to attend all the networking events - these are a fantastic way of celebrating your success with other amazing women whether you win your category or not. Enjoy being part of something very special and enjoy your moment - you deserve every second!

Home Based Business 2013

Brighton & Sussex

Kirstie Betts | Pied A Terre Adventures