"Glide Training Ltd"

Glide Training has grown by almost 50% in the last financial year. Some of this can undoubtedly be attributed to the Venus Awards. The award has played a part in raising the profile of Glide Training over the last year, and provided an opportunity for me to further raise my profile as a business owner and I.T. Trainer. Being amongst the other women involved has been a very worthwhile learning experience which has no doubt rubbed off on the business as well.

Since setting up Glide Training in 2011, I have grown to love networking as a way to build business within the local community and wider. Networking is rarely included as an awards category, but for me it is an essential way for businesses to support one another. From personal experience, working collaboratively rather than competitively is very effective. For me, support and collaboration is what networking is about and what helps businesses to flourish and is something I work hard to encourage. To be recognised and awarded for this has given me a real boost to know that others realise how worthwhile this is too.

The Venus Awards is a very worthwhile networking opportunity and a great way to raise the profile of your business and your own profile as a business woman. I am sure you will find it motivating, inspirational and supportive. You will probably make some new friends too!

Networker of the Year 2013

Brighton & Sussex

Jane Hames | Glide Training Ltd