"Savoir Faire Accounting"

The Venus awards gave me an opportunity as a new one woman business, to meet with women at various stages of their careers and businesses. We shared experiences, issues we’d overcome and made new friends. I have used the Venus awards as a marketing tool, displaying the logo in various media. It has also given me the confidence to enter other awards.

The awards process put me in front of a camera for the first time. This have me experience in preparing and presenting to an audience I couldn’t see.

Making the final gave me a huge boost personally, feeling like I had been given external recognition for my hard work.

Unlike some awards processes, the Venus awards not only has an application process , judging and presentations, but also lots of opportunities to meet with fellow applicants, to network and a chance to try out new presentation skills etc.

Networker of the Year 2013

Brighton & Sussex

Caroline Cole | Savoir Faire Accounting

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Caroline Cole | Savoir Faire Accounting