For Someone Deserving of Recognition

Nominating someone shows how much you appreciate them for all their efforts and hard work.


The Awards re-branded and launched as the Venus Awards in Dorset 2011. Prior to that, they were the Langtry Manor Business Awards, established in 2009. Tara Howard, Founder of the Venus Awards, was the Managing Director of the Langtry Manor at the time. This was her family’s business and she launched the Awards from their hotel. The instant success, the promotional upside, and the support of the local businesses for a venture such as this led her to expand the concept across the country.

In 2012, the Venus Awards Southampton launched as a pilot project to test the model reception in an area where Tara had little to zero real contacts. Quite close to home, although a completely different area, she effortlessly managed the project. She and her small team held their breaths as she unveiled the Venus Awards Southampton concept at the launch event in March 2012.

Concerns all washed away as the inaugural Venus Awards Southampton succeeded triumphantly. From there, in 2013 the Venus Awards launched Devon and Brighton as well as repeat performances in Southampton and Dorset. 2016 went on to see Thames Valley Launch for the First time, with the hope to launch London in 2018. Watch this space!

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