The Story So Far…

The Venus Mission is to create a nationwide awards programme that recognises and rewards local business women and delivers business and personal development as a result.

The concept was established in 2009, purely to recognise and reward women-in-business in Dorset. To enable expansion we re-branded as the Venus Awards and currently engage directly with at least 12,000 women-in-business per year. And this is just the beginning.

Venus is now five years old, proven and successful. With incredible growth potential, Venus is capable [at scale] of multiplying its reach tenfold. That means direct engagement with 120,000 + women in business per year. Winning the hearts, souls and minds of this demographic is surely a worthwhile cause.

The Venus Journey changes lives, enhances businesses, develops self-confidence and self-esteem. Importantly, this is not a yet-to-be achieved dream; Venus HAS changed lives, HAS enhanced businesses and HAS developed self-confidence and self-esteem for many women.

Currently in Ten regions: Dorset, Southampton, Devon, Brighton, Bristol, Portsmouth, Oxford and Birmingham, Thames Valley, Isle of wight, the Venus growth-plan projects Venus into 52 + UK regions by 2019 with an international presence by 2020.